Top 10 Party Dinner Desserts To Keep In Mind

Dinner party desserts: Banoffee Pie

A classic dessert recipe that will instantly take you back to your childhood - your guests will just love this delicious but oh so easy dessert recipe. Ready in just an hour and big enough to serve eight - you can prep this ahead and serve a big crowd.

Dinner party desserts: Chocolate Almond Torte

A chocolate torte is a winner for any dinner party you might be throwing, and this almond version is extra special. Serving a massive 16 people, you know you'll be covered if any unexpected diners turn up too.

Dinner party desserts: Bourbon Glazed Doughnut

James Martin's glazed doughnut and homemade malted milk ice cream takes a bit of extra effort but is well worth the results for a perfectly spongy doughnut. For a dessert that feels really different from the norm, give this special doughnut recipe a try.

Dinner party desserts: Lemon and Prosecco Sorbet

With lemon and elderflower this pudding offers a summery lightness that will help cleanse the pallet after a heavy meal and it also smells delicious, plus a hint of prosecco offers a boozy element to this dessert which we love. Try it next time you're entertaining and you'll not be disappointed.

Dinner party desserts: Clementine and Coconut Cream Sorbet

Clementine and coconut cream sorbet is incredibly simple to make with just two ingredients, yet gorgeously cleansing and refreshing. What's more, it looks absolutely stunning served in a glass at a dinner party and can be made weeks in advance.

Dinner party desserts: Vanilla Panna Cotta With Port Jelly

Beautiful set vanilla cream topped with a ruby-red port jelly makes for a delicious dinner party dessert that all your friends will love. It?s best made a day in advance so the jelly has time to set which means more time chatting to friends and less time in the kitchen on the evening of your dinner party.

Dinner party desserts: Classic Lemon Tart

For a simple yet delicious pudding for your next dinner party, you can't go wrong with a classic lemon tart. Sweet, sharp and ready in just an hour and a half, this is a real treat of a dessert option.

Dinner party desserts: Chilled Lemon Souffle

A light, refreshing dessert, iced lemon souffle is a great summer recipe because it can be made in advance. Perfect if you've got a lot of guests coming - this sweet and light dessert serves up to 14 people.

Dinner party desserts: Rosewater Floating Islands with Framboise Custard

Light as clouds, these delicate, poached meringues floating on a flavoured crème anglaise are a French classic known as 'île flottante.' Serve these up individually for a really special end to your meal.

Dinner party desserts: Double Decker Tart

If you love the classic chocolate bar, you'll just love this Double Decker inspired tart. A reinvention of the delicious chocolate treat that's much more grown up and fabulous - it takes a bit of effort, but it's totally worth it

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